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Visa fees for Malaysians travelling to India increases

Visa fees for Malaysians travelling to India increases

India's eVisa increased from RM200 to RM320, and is valid for four months.

The new eVisa fee has been in place since June 25.

Over-the-counter visas are now priced at RM462.56 (excluding service charges) and are valid for one year.

The new visa fee will be implemented on July 1.

The cheaper six-month visa that was priced at RM194.56 has now been scrapped.

Herritage G Tour Agency director S. Gokilan said the price increase would be a financial burden to travelers.

"This will greatly affect Malaysian Indians who travel back to India for religious pilgrimage or to see family," he said.

Gokilan said he has been receiving calls from customers complaining about the price increase.

"They say the visa fees are almost similar to the price of a flight ticket. People are not happy," he said.

(Source: thestar.com.my)